Analog Projects is a virtual project space managed by Matthew Langley. Analog Projects will present exhibitions that might fall through the cracks of museum and gallery environments. This could entail long-term projects to exhibits of cultural ephemera. Analog Projects is always open to talking with outside curators and opening our space for other exhibits. 

Analog Projects is a flexible, and non-defined space that can take advantage of the Internet, exhibition spaces and cultural events. It does not have a set address or a traditional gallery space.

Analog Projects Bookstore focuses on artist books and ephemera, as well as interesting cultural and groundbreaking books and magazines. Focused on art of the 20th century and forward we have strong interests in Abstract Expressionism, Pop, The Pluralist era (the era we describe as containing Minimalism, Earthworks, Performance, and Post Minimalism, etc.) as well as the art of the 1980’s through the current day. 

In the future, exhibitions will take place 4-5 times a year combined with special focus areas in or bookstore. Special exhibitions as well as pop up events are also a possibility. Analog Projects is an ongoing concern that will always have the flexibility to move and morph into a variety of environments. While always keeping the presentation of the art at the forefront of everything that we do.